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  • Title: The Sword of Paranoia
  • Premiered: 2003-03-10
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    • Linkin Park Papercut
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  • Comments: TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Lots of transparencies, cold hard simple cuts, some lip sync, and lots of rubber band fooling around. Also, some directional blurs. I have come to love those directional blurrs. But definetly, LOTS of rubber band playing around. Other then that, it was really simple. =P
    Oh. I also used some Zooms in the very first few seconds.

    STORY ASPECTS: Well, after "Kill Kenshin" I had the VOBs I needed to create this, so I went ahead and did it.(it was a pretty cool Idea I wanted to do). This is concentrating on the very beginning of the second season of Kenshin. The character profile is of Kenshin and of Fujita. It's how they're both doing the same thigns they've done in the revolution, and pretty much haven't changed. This AMV really revolves around Kenshin, though, and how he wants to supress the battousai within him, but eventually can't.

    The AMV opens with Kenshin and co. walking down the street to get to town, (as in episode 28) and Kenshin has a flash back for seemingly no apparent reason. Then, while he's talking to Megumi about how he's "Just fine", Fujita is at the dojo fighting with Sano. After that, it's pretty much character profiling. The AMV ends with the sun setting, and them fighting. I left the very end at a cliff hanger for really no apparent reason. Also, if you notice, after the first to clips of the sun, each clip of the sun after that, gets furthur down, till finally, in the end, it is dusk. There was emphasis on this for some reason in the series, which made em want to make this AMV in the first place. ^-^ I originally had the same clips of the sun for every single time, and then I was "Hey! Wouldn't it be cool if the sun got furthur down each scene?" And there it was. I hope you enjoy this AMV. ^-^

    This file was hosted on an FTP owned by theocide. THANKS FOR HOSTING THEOCIDE!!

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