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  • Member: JCD
  • Studio: GAS
  • Title: GitSP
  • Premiered: 2007-09-08
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    • Eskimo My Rave
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  • Comments: This video dates back to over a year by now. September, I was unemployed, rotting at home being bored. Great time to start a video. Listening to a fraction of music I got from Decoy, mostly Goa / Psytrance which I enjoy a lot, I discovered this song and thought it could actually be editable. Sometime later I walked by my collection of DVDs and saw the Ghost in the Shell ones standing there unused since almost a year ago when I bought them (I was actually thinking of selling them again). So, before they get covered by dust, I might make a video with them to this song since it fits so nicely being all electronic and over-the-top.

    I edited the song from over 7 minutes down to 3:52 originally, with alot of small cuts here and there. Started to edit, the first 80 seconds went by quickly. Just then, as luck goes, I got a new job. Unfortunately, one I was not happy with at all, and additionally I started an evening school which all in all limited my free time alot so the video was progressing alot slower. Originally wanting to finish it by the end of that year, I barely got to the 2 minute mark by then. Set my new goal to finish it by the Acen deadline, but that would've made it difficult to get something done for Anime 2007 in Holland, one of my favourite Cons, so I delayed it again in order to make my Pure Love video. At the same time, I got a new job which I enjoy alot more (and am still enjoying now), so that made the use of free time for editing kind of easier.

    So, the next possible date I could look forward to finishing this were the deadlines for Connichi and AWA Pro (I always need something like that to motivate myself, and I worked too long on this not to make it for a convention - Yeah, I'm like that :P). Being lazy in the beginning, I slowly progressed to the 3 minute mark where things got complicated: The song really picks up and goes crazy there and I really wanted to do it justice with going all out. After having a blank head for 3 weeks and the deadline closing in to barely one week left, I started asking for help. While not helping me specifically, after talking to Bakadeshi about various things and suggestions, I somehow got it to work and managed to get a good "start" which I could build upon. I don't really know why, but I guess it got me motivated.

    After this one week of intense editing, I managed to get the timeline filled. As I liked the middle action part around 2:00 alot, I decided to put in a 12 second segment again I had cut out before, which made the video a bit longer again. I finished the video as planned in the last minute and managed to submit it to both contests, and am very statisfied with it, making it one of my own very favourites :)

    This is also my first video where I actively used alot of After Effects. Except for the last, crazy section of the song, which was done completely in AE, only short breaks of the song had AE compositions to them. As the video progresses, you can maybe notice how I got to know the program more and more with each composition :p. The last section was pretty intense to edit for me, as I usually want my effects to sync to something. Especially the 6 seconds from 3:14 to 3:20 took me a full week of everyday editing.

    Also, since I know Illustrator quite well from my job, I used it to make almost all of the vector images. There is little to no Photoshop work in there, pretty much everthing original is vector based. Not really things I needed the program for, I just feel easier doing things from scratch in Illustrator, and since AE reads the .ai files as compositions, it was relatively easy to animate them.

    This video reminded me as well how good this anime is. While editing it, I rewatched multiple episodes and realized again how much I like it, which I can recommend to anyone :)
    So, enough junk-talk, enjoy the video!

    Won Best Dance Video at Connichi 2007, Best Action and Best Technical at AWA Pro 2007!

    Ok judging vom Quick Comments it seems some people still don't know how to play back mp4:
    Download and install CCCP and it should work. Don't try to use Winamp, use Media Player Classic or another video player of your choice.
    Alternatively, use KMPlayer if you have a grudge against codec packs.
    No XviD version, sorry. I don't want to waste bandwith and sacrify quality.

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