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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Manifest 2007 Iron Chefu
  • Premiered: 2007-09-16
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  • Song:
    • Earshot Wait
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  • Comments: So this is the video I made for Manifest 2007 during the Iron Chef Competition.

    we had a choice of 3 anime, 5 cm's the girl who lept through time or murder princess (6 episodes) and although I'd originally planned to make a drama video I saw murder princess and just had to make this ;p
    also I'd like to say that MARK IS AN EVIL BASTARD!!! The secret ingredient that we had to incorporate was 10 seconds of Naruto Manga it really doesn't fit to well so I've made 2 versions 1 that was shown to the crowd and the other is without the manga (it's much better) unfortunately I'm not about to compress my audio or make a mp4 as I was using a borrowed lappy and these files were all i could save off it ;_;
    My sister just rolled her eyes when she saw it 'cause I killed the hero again.
    I also picked up a few tricks from Lockstock while we were editing ;)~

    Time frame:
    1pm saturday we get our sources...
    6.30pm we get back to the hotel room and can start editing. (began roto)
    10.30pm all the files are finished re-encoding into lagariths and de-interlacing cause the sources weren't fully de-interlaced :| (note my version of premiere pro can't edit from .avs and the source files were Xvid raws)
    1.30am shleep time and video finished
    7.00am beginadding naruto manga
    11.00am begin second set of rotoscoping
    12.30pm walk to manifest
    3.30pm final export completed in the 40% iron chefu room and used .avs to clean final xvid

    Special thanks to: NftpSoulja(fer giving me this song even though it wasn't for video making)
    and to Minion (once he watches it he'll know why)
    err and I suppose I should mention Lockstock for constantly beta testing even though he fergot me on his video description ;p

    PS Lockstock won the competition :up:

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