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  • Member: Animegamer100
  • Title: Pink Haired Knight
  • Premiered: 2007-09-18
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    • Monty Python Black Knight vs. King Arthur
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  • Comments: It has been a little while since my last AMV, mostly due to lack of ideas and going to college for the first time. Now that I've settled in a bit and don't have any work to do at the moment, I decied to make a new video. On the way back to my dorm from class I was listening to my Zune and the Black Knight Skit for Monty Python and the Holy Grail come up, about that time I thought about Elfen Lied and I got an idea for this video. Sorry about the reuse of several scenes, in the episodes I used Lucy doesn't talk much and for Nana, I had to make sure the correct limbs didn't start appearing. Well I hope you enjoy it anyway. Comments are still always appreiciated. Thank you.

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