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  • Member: Dreizehn†
  • Title: Glaube
  • Premiered: 2007-08-25
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    • Samsas Traum Satanas
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  • Comments: WARNING!!
    Contains scenes based on german lyrics!
    If you don't understand the lyrics you won't understand the sense and the parody at all.

    The Song is performed by Samsas Traum and is called Satanas. In my opinion it is a parody of people who want to be bad/metal/true for being cool.

    The refrain "Satanas, ich rufe dich!" means "Satanas, I call for you"... this goes with the first lip sync.

    The german description:

    Neuinterpretation von Sailor Moon. Es geht um den Glauben. Woran glauben die Sailor Senshi wirklich? Was ist ihre Motivation? Das Aufdeckungsvideo!!

    It got the 2nd place at the AniNite 2007 AMV contest in Vienna.

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