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  • Member: Yusf
  • Title: Hypnerotomachia
  • Premiered: 2007-09-15
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    • Jeremy Enigk World Waits
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    The first step to describing this video is exposing the meaning of its title.
    The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili is a famous book in the history of Renaissance literature, and that is the book from which I borrowed a part of the title, Hypnerotomachia supposed to mean something like "The strife of love in a dream" in Latin.

    This romantic video tells about the dreamy odyssey of love of a girl.
    It is in fact much more realistic than it looks when its metaphotric visual expressions are percieved.
    This peculiar anime, Rayca, helps reaching that floating effect and inhensing the poesy of the scenes thanks to its wonderful design and attaching character. Once again OAVs proove their complete superiority in the graphic domain.
    I have never doubted of the song "World Waits" by Jeremy Enigk, as I knew from the begining that it would fit in a prefect way, and I'm not disapointed. The singer has that "dream effect" I was looking for in the style of his song and in his voice resonance.

    The concept of the video in its all is quite simple, and so it was intended.
    It took me less time and effort to make than expected, but i'm satisfied again with the result, though not very impressed, so to speak.

    With no more words, I let you apreciate "Hypnerotomachia" or "The struggle for love in a dream".


    -Best Drama at Megacon Anime Sushi. (2008)
    -Best Artistic at Tekkoshocon. (2008)


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