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  • Title: Hope
  • Premiered: 2007-09-15
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    • Aly & Aj Rush
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  • Comments: "The world cried as the angel of destruction descended upon them. All wept with agony and regret for the lives they were soon to lose. But not all was lost. One girl did not cry as the others were. She kept a strong face, and a strong heart. Then, the angel of hope descended upon her, and gave her wings to fly, and the magic to protect. And fly she did. Facing the angel of destruction, the girl remembered her life on this world. How she was always ignored. How nobody cared for her. How alone she was. She remembered the pain and suffering that she went through every day. She remembered how people treated her. She remembered the agony, but continued to fly. This girl resonated with hope. Hope for a brighter day, hope for a brighter tomorrow, and hope for a better world. Then, in an act against common sense, she overpowered the angel of destruction. However, instead of destroying the angel, she gave him the greatest gift of all. She gave him hope. She gave him a chance to change his ways of destruction and terror. He took this, and graciously gave her an offer. Having been given the greatest gift, he too offered her a great gift. The angel of destruction offered this girl the chance to be happy, in her dreams, forever. She would no longer live, but forever sleep in serene and happy peace. The girl, desiring this above all else, took the offer eagerly. But then, just as her eyes closed, and her body was drifting away, she realized something. She realized that she was throwing away the greatest gift of all. She was giving up hope. She was always a firm believer of hope, and the chance for a better tomorrow. So, breaking away from the angel's spell, she returned to her own world, where she would use her gift. She would continue to hope for a better life, one where she can be happy, and not just the illusion of happiness. So, with a heavy heart, she turned to see the world which she had saved. It was a beautiful sight. "

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