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  • Member: -GfN-
  • Studio: The Inner Circle
  • Title: Project Relic
  • Premiered: 2007-09-08
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  • Songs:
    • X-Ray Dog Grungeboarder
    • X-Ray Dog Psychotic Loops
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    Krat: You know I love this shit."

    Kalium: "That was awesome."

    JCD: "Great video from the best con ever"

    Dark-Krystal: "It's good times : O"

    Decoy: "Dude. I love it."

    Oh well.
    This is a little something I made in exactly 24 hours (editing split into three parts so I finished within a period of 3 days). So basically a self-proclaimed iron chef since I lose interest in all editing extremely fast atm.
    And actually, I fucking love the outcome of this little experiment.
    Mitch (Niotex) started this by giving me 4 songs of x-ray dog, right after that I muxed these two songs together in a song edit, opened after effects and was done after 24 hours ;)

    The video itself is pretty much about flow and getting along with the audio, supported by quite an amount of fx.
    In that section I went for some kind of digital technolgical look combined with my usual grunge and included loads of motion by myself...

    I also did some kind of "section editing" in this thing: I split the songs into definite segments like intro, pt 3 etc and edited them down to it progressively, leaving out one or two that wouldn't finish at the time given. Just as a piece of advice, works EXTREMELY well in iron chefs.

    Aside from my own deadline I had the connichi deadline (I started 3 days before), which left me with sleeping and eating only despite all the editing.

    Once again, I truly cherish this video, love the way I executed it in time and if you believe it or not, there is some kind of story, I won't tell you tho ;p (just look at the ending and you'll somewhat get it).

    Special Thanks:
    - Niotex | gave me those songs
    - Warheart | gave me macross zero I initially wanted to use for something else but built in for some frames in the last part. dunno where the fuck that one scene is anymore, so thx alex ;p

    Programs Used:
    - After Effects 7.0 Professional (like, 99%)
    - Vegas 6.0a
    - Photoshop 7.0

    This Video was among the finalists for best dance at connichi. It was nominated as well for best dance, best use of special effects and most artistic in the vcas 2008 and reached the finals in best use of special effects.


    NOTE: since I get quite alot of qcs from fags who are not able to play back a standard codec called h264/x264, here's the easy way out: Go download it.

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