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  • Member: Tori-chan
  • Studio: Squirrel Production
  • Title: Girl Next Door's dream of being Julia
  • Premiered: 2007-09-11
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    • Saving Jane Girl Next Door
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  • Comments: Finally not a romance video ^-^
    This time something about Bebop's two main female characters (ok, for me Ed is another category of... let's say human being). I trully adore Faye, even if she was egotistical and lazy. Hot-tempered, both crazy and sensible - just a girl. I think she was fascinated with Spike's beloved "Miss Perfect", Julia. Faye hated her, admired her and envied her beauty, grace and Spike's feelngs... I think I managed to show it quite good and (for my means) with some humor ^-^
    Technically Julia was really problematic - I think I use all scens with her from the series ( there are so many of them -_-) with the exception of her death. My interpretation of lyrics like cheerleader od marching band may seem... creative, but watch and judge. Moreover I finally got Sony Vegas - I'm still learning how to use it, but the quality of AMVs has improved.
    I think that's it. Nice watching and choosing the one you love - Miss America or Girl Next Door.

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