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  • Member: Magnus
  • Studio: DZ-Studios (D-Zi-Er Studios)
  • Title: By Your Side (my last words)
  • Premiered: 2007-09-10
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    • Spoken September
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    Finaly finished a new vid. It's kinda sloppy and I rushed at some parts becoz
    I wanted to finish sumthing. So yea it could've been better. Anyway.



    Mutou Kazuki and Tsumura Tokiko, whoes love wasnt allowed. They have been by each others side for a year now. They lived happily together and was deeply in love with eachother. But on the coin there is two sides.
    Their love wasn't allowed in this world, Kazuki was doomed to be forever alone.
    There for the king of the under world, Victor, sent out his slaves called Homunculus to hunt down and
    kill every person that gets into Kazuki's heart. Together Tokiko and Kazuki fights back against the heartless beasts.

    He had Protected her from all attacks and attempts to kill the girl he loved. Untill the day at the factory.
    At the moment the monsterous snake-looking Homuncolous was about to kill Tokiko he jumped in the way, taking the strike. Tokiko then had no choise but to implant the Black Kakugane, to revive him back to life. But it had it's price. When Victor heard about all of this he came down to earth to take care of both Tokiko and Kazuki. And when Victor came in contact with the black kakugane, It reacted.
    Kazuki had now become a reflection of Victor. And with the looks came the power.

    After the fight against Victor, Kazuki finds out what he had done to the humans around him under being in the shape of Victor. Tokiko and him is trying to go back to their ordinary lives, but when the military comes to hear that Victor had "infected" the young boy, they tried to take his life. He could handle it, but more often and often Tokiko gets involved in the battles. This makes the young Kazuki feurious and he does all in his might to protect his love. They took down the militaries finest solidiers.
    And after that explained the situation.

    Kazuki, Tokiko and two guys from the military finds out about a way to defeat Victor and Return Kazuki to normal.

    The happiness of knowing everything will turn back to normal doesnt last for long. They gets the information about a White Kakugane that would turn a "infected" back to normal. But it's needed to transform Victor into human so he is able to kill. But there is only one.

    They goes to face Victor for the last time, going to do it together. But right befor the final attack.
    Kazuki losses tokiko's hands of the Lance, and attacks him self pushing both him and victor up to the moon. there is their final battle. After Fighting Victor. Kazuki uses his last energy that he has left and tries to fly back to earth...

    but fails.


    -The Making-

    This was a project I started on in Juni 07 and it later was droped again in july. But then one day I opened wrong project file, and I was like 'meh I guess I could at least do a bit more, im bored' and well I worked about a month more then it was done. But my codecs fucked up and stuff happend. And well in the end the quality didn't get very good. Since I wasn't able to get my hands on DVD footage.


    Created by: ZetZu (DZ-Studios)


    Video: Busou Renkin
    Audio1: Spoken - September
    Audio2: RED - Gave it all away


    -Specail Thanks-

    Sierra Lorna

    and my beta testers
    (listed in credits)


    -Programs used-

    Sony Vegas 7.0


    Years ago
    A future was laid before me
    And I
    Took the task and ran with it
    As far as I could go
    I always wanted to be
    A part of something like this
    You believed in me
    And it's all I needed


    Before I go
    Please know that I love you with all of my heart
    (My heart, my heart is beating for you)
    I want you to know
    That I'll be thinking of you
    Wherever I go

    I am standing with you
    A chance to change the world
    As we know it
    The feeling of lights upon me
    Feels so perfect
    You are here with me and it's all I need


    Before I knew you
    Before I saw your face
    Life had its reasons for keeping love away
    Spring turn to summer
    And summer then turned to fall
    Then came September
    We begin it all

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