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  • Member: Keeper of Hellfire
  • Title: Millennium Game
  • Premiered: 2007-09-08
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    • Yuki Kajiura Secret Game
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    This AMV was my entry to the exclusive contest at Connichi 07.

    It consists mainly of 3 parts. The first part focuses at the relationship between Yayoi and Hajime. The second part shows the world around them, full of catastrophes, natural disasters, military violence, distrust and betrayal. The third part celebrates the dramatic ending of the series. So be prepared for some heavy spoilers.

    I have chosen "Secret Game" not only because it did fit this AMV idea, but also because I think the Noir sound track fits Queen Millennia at all. I can see so many parallels between these two series.

    AviSynth for cleaning the footage.
    VirtualDubMod for making clips and final compression.
    MovieXone 4.0 for anything else. Who doesn't know it - it is a program with very limited number of effects and tracks. For anyone who is interested, I have written a Making of ... Millennium Game". It's available in English and German. (Sorry for the popups, in the moment I have no better webspace.)

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