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  • Member: DriftRoot
  • Title: Sephiration Anxiety
  • Premiered: 2007-09-10
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    • Genesis That's All
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    Let me get something out of the way first: this AMV was made for only one reason, the scene where Cloud crash lands on Kadaj, Sephiroth materializes and Cloud thinks “Oh %*#@!!” The idea was born the split second the song woke me up one morning after a long week of struggling to rip decent Advent Children footage (for an entirely different project, which was put on hold for several months thanks to that incident). Although originally I planned for “Sephiration Anxiety” to be a satire/parody, not dramatic at all, some accidents along the way transformed the AMV into its current state. It's not meant to be a stunning new entry into the pantheon of AC AMVs, it's not even meant to be a stunning AMV - it was just a fun project that I let evolve pretty much as it would.

    My biggest regret with this AMV is that the song had to be so brutally shortened – it’s actually a love song and two big blocks of the lyrics (But I love you more than I wanted to/ There's no point in trying to pretend/ There's been no-one who makes me feel like you do/Say we'll be together ‘til the end.) had to be cut for this reason. Cloud and Sephiroth are not into yaoi, I’m thinking.

    Ok, I lie, my biggest regret is that I SLIGHTLY screwed up the aspect ratio - I misinterpreted some of the EADFAG and am paying the price for it. I may redo this AMV someday to make amends...but probably not.

    I suppose I should also state that this is my first (finished) AMV. And no, I’m not going to mention how long I worked on this project because it’s embarrassing.

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