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  • Title: Faith
  • Premiered: 2007-09-07
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    • Cyndi Lauper True Colors
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  • Comments: Well, I did it! I finally finished it! This was originally my Donator's Forum Iron Chef competition, but I've made a few changes that I think has turned this into a beautiful work of sentimental art. Well, let's get down to it!

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    LOCAL: Sexy MP4
    EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 ; DG Index; DVD Decrypter ; VirtualDUBMOD
    ANIME: Fruits Basket
    Song & Song Artist: Cyndi Lauper ; True Colors


    Originally, the video's concept was to show some of the most sorrowful and terrible scenes from Fruits Basket, and show how the curse of the Zodiac ruined so many lives. However, I have changed my concept. Instead of sorrow, I show some of the most happy scenes in all of the characters' lives! So, I chose Yuki, Kyo and Hatori. I tried to keep with some of the sorrow, though. Yuki is terrifyed of Akito, who is currently torturing him in the AMV. Then, Tohru comes along and saves Yuki, showing him that she really cares for him. This makes Yuki happy, and therefore gives him his greatest pleasure in his life to that point. Then, we move to Kyo. Kyo's mother has passed away. Kyo is now living with a man who has decided to care for him, regardless of the cat curse that Kyo has recieved. Kyo is still upset and very vunelbral at this time, which I represented by showing his younger age. But of course, Kyo eventually learns that his "father" deeply cared for him, and realized that he could be happy in life. This is represented from the smiling Kyo. And of course, we move to Hatori. Sad sad Hatori. I kind of went outside the Fruits Basket world for him. I decided to represent Hatori as somebody who loved someone else (represented by the rose symbolizing his frail heart and love, and the woman walking past him), but was not loved in return. Hatori, broken hearted, never smiled again, until he met Hanna. Hanna brought warmth into his life, and revived his broken heart, bringing him to smile once again. (Read Symbology & Motifs Below).

    Symbology & Motifs:

    The Rose: The rose scene during Hatori's part. This rose represents Hatori's frail and shattered love with a woman before Hannah (please note Hatori's part is not in the Fruits Basket storyline).

    Sakura & Trees: If you noticed, I used Sakura and trees throughout the AMV. The sakura represents new life & hope. Before each part, it is meant to represent how the characters, no matter how desperate and saddened, could always find hope. If you did notice, however, Hatori's part had barren trees. This was to represent Hatori's lost hope. But then, if you notice, Hatori did have Sakura filled trees with Hanna underneath it. This represents that Hanna brought Hatori's hope back, and that he could find love again.

    Kyo's Youth: Kyo is depicted throughout the beginning of his section as a child, which I meant to represent as his vunelbrility to the world, after the loss of his mother, and his lack of confidence in his new father figure.

    Baddmittion: If you noticed, Tohru and Yuki play Badmitton with their friends after his section. This is to represent that Tohru brought Yuki his ultimate wish. To be with friends and family that care for him.

    Author's Note:

    I had a great time working on this project, and I love how it turned out. Everything in this AMV has either happened to me or somebody close I know, so I wanted to make an AMV to show people that there really is hope in the world. ^_^

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