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  • Member: Knightmrinarmr
  • Title: Duel of the Fates v2.0
  • Premiered: 2007-09-06
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    • dj middle ground duel of the fates techno mix
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  • Comments: Ok, I'll try explaining this video as shortly as possible. I originally made the first version of this video in Febuary of 2007. Now, with the Naruto Uncut Box Set 4 released, I decided I would get it, rip the DVD and maybe remake the AMV using DVD content, with maybe replacing a few of the scenes as I went along. The video itself is action-packed excitement as Gaara faces Rock Lee. I know this isn't the most original video (there are tons with this subject out there), but the original DOTF video got pretty good reviews. Now, its back and better than ever with me using DVD rips, editing in Sony Vegas 7.0, post-processing filters via AVISynth, and maximum quality compression with VirtualDubMod and XviD, I am very comfident that this is the best AMV I have ever made. Enjoy.

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