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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Different Realities
  • Premiered: 2007-09-05
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    • Apartment 26 Slicedbeats
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    .:Won awards:.
    Janicon AMV Contest 2007:
    -Best Technical Editing
    -Best of Show

    .:How to play this amv:.
    Donīt worry it is quite easy to playback. If you have codec problems... There are some ways to play x264:
    -You can get the CCCP (this is a codec pack)
    -Or the VLC-Player (highly recommended!)
    These things donīt have a big filesize, so there shouldnīt be any problems with your internet bandwith. If you can download this amv, you can also donwload VLC or CCCP...

    .:What is this amv about:.
    It is based on heavy lyric sync. This means: Every scene has itīs reason to be there to fit the content of the amv. The video is about the twists between the main characters in the anime series Full Metal Panic. Especially: Sousuke, Kaname and Tessa. This is my most intense (+ I put the most effort ever into a 4:30 minute in one video!) character profil ever and I donīt know if I overdo it with some aspects of a person. Maybe itīs sometimes out of character, but I think I show the twists from a real side.
    Concept: It seemed to me that the singer embodies voices and persons in one song (of course you know itīs only him, but for me, the content is about the view of more persons).

    So this is about different views on a subject or a scene. The innerview (thoughts of a character) and outerview (thoughts of a different person about the character).

    For example:
    "You forgot how coming home all alone would have wrecked you"
    Sousuke thinks something about Kaname.

    "Another false hope today, Another hope went away"
    The other view about the situation.

    However... This ends up beeing really schizophrenic and confusing for the viewer. Therefore I wrote down all the views and explanations for them in one pdf.
    Download the pdf with full content info

    All in all... The lyrics fit the anime better than you might think.
    The title "Different Realities" was an idea after my communication course in college. It says that everybody has his own view of reality and the things beeing. Sousuke has is military view and so on... I think the title discribes the video pretty good. I just hope that people will find joy here, even without knowing the anime.

    .:The technical side of the amv:.
    Really fast scenes and action paired with effects. I took my first steps into grunge style and vectormasks and I played a lot with the advanced use of fractal noise and blending modes of layers in Adobe After Effects 7.0. I also figured out how I can make really "nice" colours for a scene. They look pretty interessting, but only play a small role at the end in fast scenes, so you might not realize them. They might be very important in my next project...
    You see the picture above? This is an original frame took from the video. A result when you serious try to use fractal noise (the good way, not the obvious way as pattern and more) and blending modes.
    Ah yeah... The outro might be long for some of you, but I see it as content of the amv too.
    Fumoffu just played a role for scene assistence. The core content lies on the first session of FMP. I know that Fumoffu is in the wrong aspect ratio, but sry guys... I donīt really care, because theyīre just a few scenes.

    Highquality x264:
    Encoded in 720x528
    Displayed at 720x540 (I changed the sampel aspect ratio back to 4:3)
    Audio: AAC+

    .:The history of the amv:.
    The goal of the amv was the participation at the AniNite AMV contest 07 in Vienna. Well I made it to the deadline, but there were a lot of things I wanted to change. I started a few days right after my last project "Deus Machina" until... the first days of september. In between was a 2 weeks break for another project and well I had some lag of motivation because I wasnīt really reaching what I wanted. Itīs my favorite song and well... Ok itīs not an dissapointed. A lot of people will like it for sure, but some of my friends and buddys now say that itīs not my best work. I wanted to make it my best, because: I love the anime. I love the song (my favorite) and Apartment 26 is my most favorite band ever too. The bar was really high and after the sucess of the intro I was sure to reach it.
    Yeah after the AniNite contest I got some harsh critic, like this is a pointless and soulless video. It was really hard to hear it. They said it without really knowing the concept and the content so... I donīt give a fuck =P Yeah: I make AMVs I want to see!

    .:Special thanks:.
    To my best friend Mac for the harsh critics and program support.
    -Good for Nothing- for intense beta tests and effect inspiration. You gave some nice ides for the part with the "words".
    Warheart for the .wav of the song (I just have the "Music for the massive" record of Apartment 26) and beta test/view.
    Kenka for joining our studio, nice talks, fun and beta test/view.

    Those who are not in the video:
    yvy for likeing the video. It really cheered me up and gave me some passion again for the project.
    Crack the sKy for checking my speeling.
    All those who helped me in the last week and gave me usefull answers to my technical questions.
    The Patient for joining the studio too and for offering his webspace.
    Deinorius for providing me with a new x264 script.

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