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  • Member: wurpess
  • Title: Hello Moon, Goodbye Kitty
  • Premiered: 2007-08-31
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    • Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
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  • Comments: This was my entry for the 08/2007 Donator's Forum Iron Chef. Well, rather, its a cleaned up version of it.

    I had already decided that I wanted to use Hello Kitty as my video source. (Since we were allowed to choose. Hey, I'll take any excuse to make a Hello Kitty vid. lol.) We were given 5 audio choices to choose from. Obviously, Moonlight Sonata was one of the music choices. I wanted to use the whole thing, but I didn't want to do a 7 min vid (nor did I have time.) So I sped it up to double speed. Which actually, I think worked nicely for action flow. (Stuff didn't drag and become boring.) So what was the main reason I chose Moonlight Sonata? I thought it would be amusing to do a depressing Hello Kitty vid. I knew that even if it wasn't good, it would at least be unique. Amazingly, it got runner up. (Ileia ended up winning. And deservedly so. *^_^*) Which surprised the hell out of me. O.o

    So, since the simplistic editing was liked, I kept it the way it was and just fixed the sync and the more obvious, distracting lip flap. (And improved the audio quality a bit. :P) The only thing that's really different is that I gave it the old time/silent movie look I was originally wanting to give it, but didn't have time to mess with. (So yes, I actually spent time trying to make my footage look crappy. :P) But anyway. Its not anything flashy, but hopefully its enjoyable in its own twisted way. Have fun and may the fish be with you. *^_^*

    ===============Contest Related Shit========================
    *Original Thread. (You need access to the donator's forum to access it.)

    *Rules:"When you join I will give you a list of a few songs and you MUST use one of them. Any anime can be used but the video should be org safe just because we aren't running a hentai contest here. Audio editing is allowable but keep in mind the judges aren't stupid, attempts to get around the rules by including just a bit of required audio probably won't be rated well.

    The contest will run a week to allow for different peoples schedules. However you won't be allowed to edit the whole week. Each editor will have 48 hours. When you have time to start editing then PM me, I will send you the songs and FTP info to upload your final too. If the video is not uploaded within 48 hours of my reply then you'll be disqualified. Just an FYI, currently I will not be around between 4pm to 8pm CST and I'm rarely around in the morning hours so don't expect me to reply during those times. So, to be perfectly clear here, you can request to do a bit up to 12:30am EST August 9th. Judging will begin when the last persons track comes in, which will be 12:30 EST August 11th at latest. Although of course watching the videos and deciding isn't an instant process so I imagine it'll be a day or two before we know the results. "
    Judges' Comments:

    *Jasper-Isis:"Wupress, I don't know what you're talking about. Your entry was EPIC. Laughing

    Monkey King + Big Bad Wolf in the same video = total win."

    *Otohiko:"As far as Wurpess', that was a real surprise, and while I agree the source did a lot for it (as it did in Ileia's case too actually - can't say the crisp visuals didn't help), but in both the editing was just right. It's a good sign in #50 that I didn't even have to pay attention to the editing - that means it's working!"

    A note on the effects- 1st, when oping, I checked the effects box because they're technically there, but not anything particularly special and wow-a-rific. So it's up to you if you want to rate them or not. Don't feel like you have to, or that you should apologize if you don't. I understand. *^_^*

    2nd, I've had many comments on the use of my "stock old film effect" and that I should have done something more custom. That actually is a custom effect. Premiere doesn't have the film grain effect that I was looking for. (At least not that I can find.) So that effect was actually done by lowering the vid's saturation, adding the noise effect that Premiere does have, then putting Photoshop layers over top that have somewhere near the proper "grainy" look and putting the strobe effect on them (each layer on a different setting) so they look like they're flickering. So while I'm flattered people think that I did a good enough job on the old film effect they would mistake it for a "stock" effect, I prefer not to have points taken off for something I didn't do. O.o

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