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  • Premiered: 2007-08-31
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    • Judy and Mary Freckles
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  • Comments: Ladies and gentlemen of the Org, I give you my first solo project. Ever. As you may have noticed, every video my name has been on has been posted under Incanus: my studio partner. He and I toggle back and forth with the typical video duties: scene selection, action sync, lyric sync, and the like. Strictly speaking, I would handle all things art and he would handle all things tech. And... for the most part, not much has changed. For this project, I still needed to ask him about the beginnings and endings with Premier Pro 2.0.

    I didn't quite know how to export. I also didn't know much about codecs So, for the longest time, there were these ugly red flashes in my video as I was using Lagorith. A quick change to Huffy (as a guess) and they were gone. Incanus was baffled. I was impressed with my typical dumb luck. I can't explain it. If somebody can, by all means, e-mail me.

    Conceptually, this video is supposed to represent that subtle crush/growing friendship between Ms. Readman and Ms. Deep. Armed with the bookmark as symbolism, I hope I showed that well. Considering the somewhat tragic ending of the OVA, I figured the perky yet depressing opening to Kenshin was fitting. Plus, I always liked that song since my days as a wee lad watching Toonami.

    Should this video be well received, I may just try another project.

    As always, thanks for watching!

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