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  • Member: Rapture**
  • Studio: *United Twins* Studios
  • Title: Aishteru [Remastered]
  • Premiered: 2007-08-30
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    • Maksim Letting Go
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  • Comments: So here it is - finally I've remastered my Aishteru! You can find original version here.

    Announcement Thread :O

    I decided to remaster it 7 months ago,and today I'm really uploading it... When I was editing it,I stopped somewhere halfway,because I just lost my inspiration,and was pretty busy.

    Two weeks ago,I was visiting my friend Violeta,and she was listening "Maksim" songs,and she asked me - "You know,I still have your video.." , I've asked - "What video?" , and she showed me my "Aishteru".. That was the moment I decided to continue with editing and finally fisnish this vid.

    While making this AMV,I've learned lots of stuff - tried out masking,learned about lots of AviSynth filters,tried out editing in Adobe Premiere Pro... There is much more,just that I don't quite remember everything...

    Okay,from few comments I've got,I've learned that not many people got the point of the story... So here it goes :

    Storyline of the video :

    Naru is sitting at her room,trying to understand what to do next.. I've showed the teddy bear (or w/e that creature is.. >.>) because there is a text on it - to be precise : "Mutsumi". Naru then finally realises that when she was small,she was at Hinata Inn too,and runs off to tell Keitaro that she might the promised girl,because she don't want to lose him. Becaus lately she notices that he started avoiding her...

    When she comes to the place,she sees that Keitaro and Mutsumi are naked (it happened by accident,just as in the series) and she tells nothing,just throws the photo and runs off.. When he catches up to her,Naru is crying...

    Then comes the scenes of Keitaro.. This probably really needs most of explanation from what I've heard.. At first,scenes where Naru avoids him,I've put them in,to show that he believed that she was the promised girl. To show that,where you see one scene he's hiding his face with hand,and next there is a surprised looks - that's the place. If you've seen the series,you should know that it's the place when he accidentely noticed her open diary. At first I wanted to put scenes with journal writings in the AMV,but ScorpionP said that it looks really weird,and asked if it has any meaning. I then understood that it really looks weird,and will be damn hard to understand.. Thanks man,you saved a part of my vid ^.^ Anyway,to continue - I've put up more scenes where Naru avoids Keitaro,and continued with the same story.

    At few last seconds on the second verse of the song,those quick "flash" scenes. The last short scene (it's not even a scene,just a few frames of each pic),the last "scene" shows that kiss in his past,that would be the reason why he thinks that she's the promised girl.

    Probably there is no point to talk about that huge flashback,so I'll just get further forward until the most cofusing part of the video - the last part.

    The scene where Keitaro stop Naru,and she kisses him - she did that because she know understands that she's not the promised girl,and that why after that kiss Naru runs off. Mutsumi then comes by,and asks if Keitaro isn't "Kei-kun" from her past.. He then understands,that Mutsumi is the promised girl from his past,and decides to stay with her..

    Each chorus has it's own point. Like at one chorus Naru's trying to understand or remember something,at other one Keitaro is doing something like that.

    Programs Used :

    Vegas 5.0
    Adobe Photoshop CS

    Special Thanks To :

    ScorpionP - Beta testing and most tips.
    JadzziaDax - Beta testing and few tips.
    Otohiko - Translating the lyrics.

    QCs :

    2007-10-02 12:52:38 Nice AMV xD, Kepp up the good work ^_^ (5/5){BunaDude22}
    2007-09-30 02:12:09 ooo i shulda qced this a while ago lo.. verrryyy nice. =] great sync and all that fun stuff. and loooveeee da song =p lol - Rina
    2007-09-24 16:57:30 X_X i can never watch all those romantic AMVs all the way through, but this was a nicely made one and i really enjoyed it ^^
    2007-09-23 21:30:28 Cute, sweet and a touch of melodrama. I have stuff like that for breakfast everyday! -Ayanefan
    2007-09-09 12:57:01 Nice work, I like the emotional feel (well except for the confusing part at the end) - SF_Phoenix - 4/5
    2007-09-02 16:18:05 absolutly great
    2007-09-01 14:56:24 Haven't seen the original, but this looks very nice. Although I'm not a big fan of Love Hina, your video took a somewhat rare serious approach to the series. Definitely a video I'm going to keep in mind for the future, so well done. 4/5
    2007-09-01 10:56:32 Great improvement from the original version, keep up the good work - ScorpionP
    2007-08-31 10:42:43 it's been a long time since I saw such a good LH amv 4/5 -Full Metal Sempai
    2007-08-31 02:18:31 Liked this one a lot, but the ending was confusing. Very nice work on capturing to mood, and even though the story is nothing special I'll definitely be keeping and rewatching this one. 4/5 -Crack-

    Comments and Opinions are appreciated.

    Okay,so since so many people have asked for lyrics,and I wanted to have them translated myself.. Here they are :

    Lyrics :

    I cannot breathe, I do not see the sky
    I cannot understand, whether you were or weren't
    Wind in my hair, sun in my palm
    Red evening clouds will strike me in the back
    With you I'm so light, with you I'm beautiful
    So madly in your chest,
    Your heart is beating
    Our last summer flies away
    With yellow leaves
    With foolish telephone letters
    I release it, and my tears
    Dry on my eyelashes
    But how could you and me
    Have dreamed of blue stars
    Is it too soon or too late to believe now
    I couldn't love, I couldn't even measure
    Months by the window, evening suns with you
    I fall down and rise to the sky
    I cannot understand whether you were or weren't
    In hundreds of night's roads, you will remain with me
    As I release it to the sky
    Our last summer flies away
    With yellow leaves
    With stupid telephone letters
    I release it, and my tears
    Dry on my eyelashes
    But how could you and me
    Have dreamed of blue stars
    I cannot breathe, I cannot see the sky
    I cannot understand whether you were or weren't
    Wind in my hair, sun in my palms

    These are the lyrics in english. Translated by Otohiko - thanks a lot man,that really saves me ^.^

    Technical Stuff :

    Total time of editing : Approx - 70 hours of editing (sounds unreal for this kind of vid,but my machine is pretty slow,and I had a tough time working with sped up and slowed down footage..) in a month.
    Video Source : Fansubs! - Hell yeah,that fansubs folks! "the quality is drop-dead gorgeous" - that's what said CrackTheSky at the announcement thread lol ^.^ I could never imagine that someday I'll be able to achieve almost a DVD quality! @.@ Prbably learning to use AviSynth worked out pretty well ^.^
    Audio Source : Отпускаю by Макsим. Album : Трудный возраст

    Local File :
    19.181 FPS (unbelievable FPS isn't it? O.O).
    1000 kbps.
    160 kbps Nero AAC audio.
    2nd pass x264 codec.

    Indirect File :
    19.181 FPS.
    1258 kbps.
    44KHz 160 kbps Lame MP3 audio.
    2nd pass XviD codec.

    I'll be very surprised if someone will read trough all of this lol ^.^


    Local version is x264 encode,so if you can't play it,download the VLC Player.

    As for XviD version,it'll be hosted on sendspace or something like that,until I find a host,but that may take a looong time...

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