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  • Premiered: 2002-09-29
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    • Karl Jenkins Adiemus
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  • Comments: --------WARNING--------
    my video and video DESCRIPTION contains
    The End Of Evangelion" spoilers

    So for my first video I decided to do a serious, character profile about a self called fan service character to "hauntingly beautiful" music. But Iím getting a little ahead of myself.

    I believe this idea first originated sometime in early May of 2002. That sounds about right since it would put in shortly after I re-discovered my passion for Anime. I had recently seen The End of Evangelion. One of the most memorable scenes for me from the movie was Misato's death scene. Misato was my favorite character, probably due to the fact that I felt she was the most sympathetic of the characters. Her death scene, I though was very beautiful, very tragic and just plain sad. It was from this that the idea of the video first sprang out of. I wanted to create a video that made the audience say, "Aw, she didn't deserve to die." That was the entire point of the video, and it was this goal of getting the audience to sympathize with the character that drove me over the next months. I felt the best way to do this was to not only deal solely with her death, but to do an entire character profile and give clues as to why I felt she had to die in EoE.

    The first thing I did in preparation for this video was to put the NGE box set on my birthday list. However, I did not receive my present for my birthday since my parents did not really know what the hell I was talking about. Luckily they had set aside the money for me to buy the present for myself. Consequently I did not receive the NGE box set until mid-June.

    While I was waiting for my source material I set out to find the perfect music. I wanted "beautifully haunting" music that still contained enough of a pace to carry the video through the portion of the character profile that dealt with the fun-loving Misato. I heard some really beautiful Celtic music and decided that I wanted something similar for my video. The first song I chose was "Wild Child" by Enya. This actually wasn't a half bad song and I went so far as to time all of the lyrics. However, I grew frustrated with the song, and decided to look elsewhere to see if I could find something that allowed me more freedom in displaying the many faces of Misato.

    The second song I chose was Adiemus, by Karl Jenkins. U may have heard this song was used in a Delta Airlines commercial. It has very beautiful lyrics that are not real words, but instead are intended to reflect the sound of the music. More importantly, it has a very soft intro and ending that I could use to set up the mood of the video. So I started working on timing every line of the lyrics.

    By about this time I had received my box set of Eva. So I sat down and watched the series with notebook in hand. Every time I saw a scene that I thought I could use, I would pause the DVD, and wrote a brief description about the scene and the episode, and when it appeared in the episode. And since I was doing a character profile on Misato, there were a lot of scenes. This took me two days. Once I had recorded all of the scenes I needed I started to story board my video. All together I spent somewhere around 30 hours just on prep works.

    On July 5, I opened up Premiere for the first time, and thus began my odyssey. I worked on this video everyday, except 3, from July 5 to the last week in August. I got up thinking about this video; I went to bed thinking about this video. I tried to make this video to the best of my ability, and thus I was consistently re-editing the video. I finally finished the last week of August, or I thought I was finished. Much to my frustration I kept finding new errors in my video. I must have "finished" my video three or four times over the next two weeks. But eventually it was done.

    This is an interesting video for me, in that I don't know really what to make out of it. I spent so friggen long on this video. One day I thought the video was great, the next I couldn't believe how bad the video was. By the time I finished the video I thought it was a good but flawed video.

    Today, I am still not totally sure how I feel about this video, but it is still a very important video for me. I really like the end though.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    The End of Evangelion spoilers

    ----- added Wednesday, August 31, 2005 -----

    August 31 2005
    I hope to remaster this video soon

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