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  • Title: Full Metal Alchemist - Move Along
  • Premiered: 2007-08-26
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    • All American Rejects Move Along
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    Edward and Alphonse Elric are trying to bring back their dead mother. But in a failed attempt Ed was sent to the Gate. (Al now doesnt show up until the end of the AMV). In the Gate Ed turns to see a older version of himself, who for unknown reasons attacks younger Ed. As Ed wakes up he finds he is back home but with a automail arm and leg.
    During the next few years Ed is left roaming around wondering why did older Ed attack him, and also encountering flashbacks of their dead mother.
    Ed tries another attampt to bring back their mother but constant memories of his childhood and his brother stop him from transmuting. Ed then nearly gives up hope on their mother till a flashback of older Ed comes back into his mind and ventures off to the underground city which holds some promise to a lead.
    While exploring the underground city he turns to see a transmutation circle, which catches him off guard and refreshes his mind of what is to come next, the next thing Ed remembers is beibng in the Gate. In the Gate again he sees why he is there, killed by a kinda evil version of their father. Who has been changed by going through the Gate.
    Ed now knowing how he got there tries to prevent it from happening again. So remembering that he saw himself as a older version inside this same Gate hes hoping that he can do it again in the same way. Young Ed at the time is drawing the circle ready to transmute their mother back to life. Young Ed's attempts backfires as before and Older Ed now rushes to find his younger self before its to late.
    As he saw before, attacking himself brought him back to his world, so hes hoping that will do the same to this younger Ed.
    Young Ed now sent back to his world sets off a reaction which alters the past and lands the older Ed into the other side of the Gate (still leads to his death but instead of hanging in the gate he is allowed to pass straight through it and onto the other side).
    On the other side Older Ed starts seeing these circles which show what younger Ed is currently doing. Different from before younger Ed came out of the self attack with only losing an arm, but was concious enough to bring back his brother as well, which he is currently friendly fighting with.
    Older now reassured that his plan worked starts to live a life. While younger Ed is no longer occupied with trying to bring back their mother nor the question why he attacked himself, instead he is focused more on his brother and getting him back to normal.

    (Finally i could make a happy ending)... :P

    Program used:
    Sony Vegas 7.0

    As a little extra i put in some random secret things.
    The list of them is below but it was just something to make the AMV seem a little extra... ^-^u

    1- 0:01 - within the first second while Ed is drawing the circle... on the board behind his hand you can see my name and youtube user-name.
    2- 0:08 - a reflection of startled Ed in older Ed's eye.
    3- 0:14 - a automail hand in the reflection of Ed's left eye (his right, our left)
    4- 0:17 - proberly the more obvious one, Al can be seen in Ed's eye
    5- 0:58 - on the tank you can just about read "Edwards Past Within"

    There were many more but can not be seen anymore... :(
    e.g transmutation circles having extra lines of writing on them, Ed at the end holding the design papers have some more writing on them, in the Red Water room one of the backdrops had "Red Water written on it".
    I don't think that (3) came out very well either.... :(

    Oh well..... you still have the AMV itself... :P

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