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  • Member: Kenka_Wolf
  • Studio: Creators Workshop
  • Title: Moving on
  • Premiered: 2007-08-25
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    • Good Charlotte Movin' On
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  • Comments: So this is my AMV for the Aninites AMV Contest 2007. Overall I think, I did quite well and was somewhere in the midfield (or better half) of participants. Also I made some great steps into the right direction and got a lot better since last year (at least I feel like it). I just feel a bit angry about the time efford. For nearly eight months I spent my whole sparetime on this AMV and I have the feeling it could have been so much better. But you always learn from your mistakes. ^^ Next time use the pen-tool, Kenka!!! XD

    A few words about the video (since many people didn't get the idear behind it):
    I just was trying to do a character profile on littel chibi-kun (means Ed) and work out his sorrows (since the song fits so well on him). I also tried to get Mustang and Scar into it because they all have in common that they suffer from something they went through and now have to deal with. Also all of the scenes in the refrains have a special meaning (some are clear, some are hints ^^). I think this is all that matters. Watch and see the rest. (Hope you enjoy it!)

    Ah, yes:
    Thanks a lot to Akabeko for helping me with the kanjis. ^^ "Faith" and "Trust" just killed me. XDDD
    Also thanks to Bauzi and Kamatari for testing! (Thanks for you monitor Kama-chan! Bauzi, thanks for the technical stuff!)
    And also a lot of thanks to Yvy! (this is YOUR amv - he's your darling after all ^^)

    Some Quick Comments:

    "I just saw this video today at a teahouse and wanted to find! ^^ it's really good, congrats :)"


    "song doesnt really fit the series, but its a good amv." (edit by me: I never saw the anime!, sorry. it's more about the manga where people are very different from the anime.)

    "4/5 weils rockt!"

    "Lovely. Some great effects"

    "Great heart in this one, though the lip-sync is total overkill, and kinda ruins it alot for me. Still, FMA fan approves, and you're worthy of being Bauzi's student :D" (edit by me: I LOVE this one!)

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