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  • Member: K-1
  • Studio: Aeris Designs
  • Title: Are You Ready For Some AmeFuto?
  • Premiered: 2007-08-12
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    • Hank Williams Jr Are You Ready For Some Football?
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  • Comments: I never thought I'd see two of my great loves, anime and American football, fuse.

    Then I saw the characters from Eyeshield 21 in Jump Super Stars on the DS, and well... that was it.

    I shouldn't even like the damn thing. 26 volumes in and I've only seen one flag thrown - and that was in flashback. But despite myself, I do. Probably because I'm living my dream through it vicariously. I nearly joined the Sunderland polytechnic team as a placekicker, but the first tryout day was windy as hell - had the power, but no direction. And I couldn't make the second tryout. We were going to call ourselves the Sunderland 69ers for the sheer annoyance of the name... ^_^

    You don't want to know what the prototype logos looked like.

    Some of you may also remember my First Law of AMVs from when I uploaded Change - you'll be glad to know it still applies four years on.

    I decided to make it a tribute to the two British teams in the Worls League of American Football/NFL Europe/Europa, the London Monarchs and Scottish Claymores. It was around the time of World Bowl XV that I finished it. No sooner had I completed and uploaded the video for the AmeCon competition deadline, July 2nd, than I found out that the decision had finally been taken to close NFL Europa down. Stands to reason - Paul Tagliabue had made way for Roger Goodell as NFL Commish, and he didn't have the same personal stake in the league that Tags had. Plus, it was looking ridiculous calling a league that was 5/6 German "European".

    That wasn't the end of it though. A couple of weeks later, I picked up my usual weekly issue of First Down newspaper... to find out it was the LAST ISSUE. Since 1986, it had been on the newsstand shelves every damn week - not even Pro Football Weekly does that in the NFL offseason - and now, after 21 years, it's closed down. I was gutted - I followed ALL football in that thing: NFL, Europa, Arena, CFL, college, domestic, European domestic leagues, the lot. Thursdays just became a lot more boring.

    But - onto the video itself. There's bits of Hollywood FX used here - the helmets and 3D box flying in. Everything else is me gitting about in Premiere and Photoshop.

    And once again, as with Change, the lip-synching is mostly provided by your friends and mine at Pure Dumb Luck, Inc. About the only bit where I had to re-jig the video to fit was Machinegun Sanada's first appearance in the video.

    Awarded Best Comedy AMV at AmeCon 2007's AMV Competition

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