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  • Member: Darush
  • Studio: Nanvelle Studios
  • Title: The Guardian
  • Premiered: 2007-08-10
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    • Trailer The Guardian
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    WOW! This is my first attempt at making an anime trailer. I've always wanted to try my luck at making one. I put off making one for ages, reason being that I couldn't find any movie trailers interesting enough to use for the source audio. I thought it would be easier to find a trailer first and then plan the video footage accordingly to suit the audio. That didn't help me much as I always struggled to match any trailer I found with any particular anime, they just didn't fit (didn't quite seem right).

    Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon an anime called "Yomigaeru Sora - RESCUE WINGS" and at first glance it hit me that this would be the perfect anime to use for a trailer of "THE GUARDIAN". That was the first thought that entered my mind. After doing some extensive searching on the net, I finally found a trailer of "THE GUARDIAN" which I could use as my source audio.

    So an ambitious project began. I tried to follow the original trailer as much as I could so finding some scenes for certain parts was just a tad bit difficult. I somehow managed. I thought of editing the audio for one of the sections because I was uncertain that I would find suitable scenes for it. Thank heavens I didn't need to do so.

    I kept the video quality as high as possible XD. There is also quite a bit of lip sync in the video which was necessary as there are a lot of parts where the characters speak in the audio.

    Ashton Kutcher is the voice of Uchida Kazuhiro
    Kevin Costner is the voice of Hongo Shujiro

    Programs used:

    Adobe Photoshop CS2
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

    Download and Enjoy!

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