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  • Member: loveanime18
  • Studio: Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios
  • Title: Tentai Virus
  • Premiered: 2007-08-23
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    • Banya Beethoven Virus
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    - NY Anime Fest - Dec 7-9 2007
    - CPAC - March April 13, 2008

    .:My Thoughts:.

    This was my first AMV for a while, six months actually, but I'm glad to say I still have it. (My skills I mean XD)
    The long silence was due to WMM being an ass and not working properly so I couldn't make any AMVs.
    Then again I am the one responsible for that since I was the one who crashed the laptop... again ^_^'

    But now I have a Mac and this is my first AMV with iMovie.
    iMovie has some nice effects compared to WMM. I hope I can get Final Cut Express soon though.

    So 'cuz I wanted to make an AMV since it's been forever I didn't want to take to long to upload it so I can have an AMV.
    And what song can I use that is short enough for me to use? A DDR song of course!
    So I used the song "Beethoven Virus" by Banya.

    I tried to get some syncing right and I was more obsessed then usually since I just kept thinking of my friend, Reincarnation Studio's AMV which premiered at AnimeNEXT 2006 AMV contest (as well as one of my own). She did wonderful syncing in her AMV. Though there are some places I do see syncing is off and I am getting mad with it and I'll probably go back to it, fix it up and re-upload the AMV.

    With iMovie I also did something I never did with WMM... mess with the saving process. Like the aspect ratio and such.
    WMM was automatic and I couldn't control it. Now I did. I had the power muwhahahahaha... *ahem* ^_^'
    But with power comes responsibility and I think I had to export and mess with the options five times before I got something that didn't lag, wasn't a huge file and wasn't so small. But there is a long black space at the end. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it at the time. I have now, but I'm too lazy to get a new version of the AMV up here.

    As for effects what I used for flashes, earthquake and a little cross fades. Nothing special. It is mostly a synced AMV.
    So much action @__@
    After an AMV for a little over 6 months I figured I might as well done one with a bang XD


    Format - .mov
    Filesize 46.7 MB
    Duration 1:51 (including that black space XD)

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