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  • Member: Phantasmagoriat
  • Studio: Phantasmagoriat Productions
  • Title: Shout!
  • Premiered: 2007-08-11
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    • Dio Stand Up and Shout
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    Well, this is the AMV I made specifically for Animethon 14 here in my hometown of Edmonton. First time I've been to a con, and it was pretty sweet. My other entry won runner-up Best Action... and this won Best Action; so accepting the trophy in person was one of the more interesting things so far since I started AMVing [just over 1 year ago].

    My last 3 vids were instrumentals because I am over critical of lyrics. I believe that the footage should fit as closely as possible with the lyrics-- and I don't like being bound by that... but I thought I would give it a shot with this.

    Once again, it is fast paced, so I implemented the 60fps framerate. However because of feedback from Awakened [another 60fps AMV] I decided to put the XviD version on Local since some computers might not be able to handle the 60fps/.mp4 combination. Unlike the .mp4, it isn't the prettiest encode, but be aware that I didn't want to make the file size too big... and it could have easily went over 100MB in XviD. Also, VLC comes with everything you need for playback.

    some technical things: most of the 'effects' were subtle, but I checked off the effects box so you can rate it. There were extra sounds added at 0:52, and the ending that I got from The FreeSound Project thanks to CrackTheSky for pointing me there, and ERH for creating the audio. I did use masking at a couple locations in the video... but it was just simple chroma-keying [Magix doesn't have Masktools]. Yes, at 1:40 I did use a cheep kaleidoscope effect... but I thought it fit. Also within that solo section, you may notice some interlacing, but I put it in there to make the scene more 'messy'... although it's more apparent in the master file. I can't remember what else I did...

    Special thanks to beta testers and anyone who helped. If you want to see a beta, gimme a Shout! ... yeah... k... that was bad... >.>

    So Enjoy! and I would greatly appreciate any feedback. :)

    P.S. I know that in the credits, the roman numerals for Animethon14 are messed up... but when I changed the font, the 1 translated to an I, and the 4 translated to a IV. So shoot me.

    Animethon 14 - Best Action
    Anime Evolution 2007 - Best Action

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