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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: PPG:R
  • Premiered: 2003-03-29
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    • Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures The Matrix Reloaded SuperBowl Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: This video, to start off with a quote from one of my favorite characters, UY's Ran, is "Not my fault!" I place the blame/credit for it soundly on Wuwu (YCSTR) ^o^. This video was spawned because of an IM conversation with him after he showed me his Attack of the Clones remake of the Reloaded teaser trailer in which he pretty much said "You know, you could use just about anything to this trailer." That sounded like fun, so I set out to pick what would be about as wrong as I could get to make a trailer remake of it to. Though probably not -the- most wrong (that would probably be something on the order of using Azumanga Daioh...) possible, the Powerpuff Girls did seem to fit the bill as being sufficiently 'wrong'. Using the movie gave me a nice high-quality source and seemed to work out fairly well.

    As with Dark Metropolis, the footage selection and syncing was fairly quick going- what took time were the two effects scenes, and to a lesser extent the lip-syncing. The lip-sync was interesting, since I'd only toyed with it a bit on my Mission : Improbable segment. I had originally intended to remake all the effects scenes in the original trailer with matching effects, but time contraints forced me to give up on that (though I may go back when I have free time- sometime when I'm, like, retired...). My initial idea was to remake the 'Matrix Code' effect, but using a font comprised entirely of flowers, bunny rabbit heads, and the likes- but I got to thinking about it, and decided I didn't think the monochromatic green really worked well. So I went with the girls streaking by instead, and am quite satisfied with the result. The second sequence (with the WB and CN logos) was my first foray into the use of AE's 3D-space and cameras. I was actually really looking forward to doing the matrix code 'fly-through' segment, but just didn't have time.

    And, yet again, I have to deal with clouds/fog. You'd think the odds of that would be rather low. But noooo.... the Warner Brothers logo in the video came from the PPG Movie trailer, and someone had the brilliant idea to put a silver version of the WB logo in front of gray fog. I sincerely hope my next video doesn't involve rotoscoping sometihng involving fog... XoX

    The only real downside to this is, well, as much as I would like it to be, the Powerpuff Girls isn't truly anime. Thankfully, the nice Tekkoshocon video contest people said "Yeah! We'd love to have it in the contest!", so at least it should get shown. Even if it gets me lynched :p

    My only real regret with this video is that I'm not better with audio... I would love to have been able to at least take out the 'These films are not yet rated' at the end. I -really- would have liked to have been able to pretty much replace the dialogue in the trailer with dialogue from the movie (might have had to pull from the TV for that). But, I couldn't get any of the voice-removal routines I found to work so I wouldn't lose the music behind the voice, so que sera...

    A quick note- the file that is currently up on the Carrot (Local DL) is an MPEG2 encode of the video. I apologize to anyone who cannot play back the MPEG2 properly- it was my intent to upload an MPEG1 of the video, but I got my files mixed up. The file available from my web site is (or had better be...) a standard MPEG1.

    Further Update: The Direct link to PPG:R is now back up- linked to the first of the cleaned-up versions of the videos that are a result of my work on the DVD.

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