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  • Member: Animegirl821
  • Title: Yukari Drives Like Crazy
  • Premiered: 2007-07-04
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    • Wierd Al Yankovic She Drives Like Crazy
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  • Comments: Update October 5, 2011: This is the ORIGINAL "Yukari Drives Like Crazy." The video itself was made in 2006, not 2007.
    Since I was into posting my videos on youtube in 2006, I stopped using because it was too much of a hassle uploading videos on this site. Youtube was much easier and faster for me. Sometime in 2007, I got my youtube account suspended due to the copyrighted music to my anime music videos. So that's when I decided to come back on to this site. So yes, I uploaded the video HERE in 2007, but the actual video was made in 2006. This video was created BEFORE AMV Hell 4 AND before milleniumsummit made his video COPYING the timing sequence to my video but still using his own video clips. He even stated that I was disliking his video and such with "multiple accounts". That is FALSE. I just barely found out about his video a day ago.

    So before any more people point fingers at me, I have evidence to back myself up. I've been making anime music videos for a LONG TIME. I quit making anime music videos in 2008. But now I am making a few more videos in 2011 and will be uploading on youtube. Be on the look out. :D


    A little request from satamfan. It's not my best, but made just for fun. The song in the video is "She Drives Like Crazy".

    The song is by Wierd Al Yankovic. Not Bob Rivers. Not Fleming & John. WIERD AL YANKOVIC!! >.<

    This is my second Wierd Al Yankovic AMV. ENJOY!!! ^_^

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