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  • Member: Zero Link
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Bleach: Ichigo's Shinigami Hitlist
  • Premiered: 2007-08-05
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    • ill nino Corazon Of Mine
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    Sorry for the long wait everybody. I've been having some doubts on uploading this amv to the org. For one , I didn't know how to make the file smaller since my zarx is being a bitch.. People said they didn't care if it was 90mb or not so oh well im uploading it. ^_^

    Anime: Bleach
    1st song: Ill Nino - Nothing's Clear
    2nd song: Ill Nino - Corazon of Mine of mine

    Every Shinigami has his/her own hitlist. No? Ok well not really but they should! Ichigo has created his own hitlist containing the people/creatures he had the most grief with.. This is just showing how he wipes out his enemies on the hitlist.. *cough or another way to show another action amv* If you aren't a bleach fan this amv may seem abit sudden to you.

    0:00 - 0:32secs(Firesparks attention grabber.)

    0:33 - 3:31 (Ichigo goes through hitlist)
    **during the ichigo vs grand fisher you'll see apart about his mother, this is where he remembers his mother being killed by grandfisher (for all of you nonebleach fans)**

    3:32 - 3:49 (Ichigo completes his mission(rests)

    3:50 - end (His sister knows.. more to come)

    Hope you all enjoy!

    Special thanks to:
    Autraya - For helping me with my scripts on the mp4 version
    Vegeta119 - Helping me better my effects(such as glow and stuff)
    ZetZu - No reason again, just adding him
    Narutoball - Just for being david. ^_^ And being a beta tester
    NerdStrudel - Beta tester and telling me the smaller things i should fix and make obvious. =O
    FrostReturns - For pressuring me to upload it on the org
    ExSphere - For also pressuring me to upload it on the org.
    If I forgot to add you, just let me know. Enjoy!

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