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  • Member: -MD
  • Title: Pas De Deux
  • Premiered: 2007-08-12
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    • Maaya Sakamoto Universe
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  • Comments: ok..I haven't released a video in a long time but I have 2 that will be ready next week for viewing....well....I did this video 2 or 3 months was basically me testing my new editing doesn't really show much of what I can do in the program because it has been 2 or 3 months (and I have learned ALOT since then....but I still like the vid.

    Ok...about the video. I basically did a slow dance vid using princess tutu and yea the video footage was so limited, which I didn't expect. Pas De Deux means "a dance for two" I played around a bit with my clip order and if you have seen princess tutu you might get what I was thinking. Anyways...the video is a combination of time changes and keying. And part of the video is base off part of the music video to the song "Universe" so....I hope you enjoy the video if you consider watching it. ^.^

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