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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Code Red
  • Premiered: 2007-08-10
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  • Songs:
    • E Nomine Diene Welt
    • Nickleback If Everyone Cared
    • Poisonblack Rush
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  • Comments: This video was made specifically as my manifest 2007 entry, but it was also made for me.
    Over a year ago I stopped even bothering to download Spriggan amvs, to be honest most were mediocre at best. I recall a few that were well put together but i hated the music and so never kept them. I also think that it was best i waited until now before I even started editing this project because my editing skills were nowhere near good enough to touch this anime and even attempt to do it justice.
    Originally this song was pegged for a Yukikaze video I wanted to do but needs must and it seems to fit Spriggan quite well.

    I'm happy with this video because it turned out the way I wanted it to in my head.... and it kicks some serious action ass! The hardest thing for me was the length, after so many MEP's I had a bitch of a time finishing it. I cut and remixed the song a lot as well, at first it was too long... then i needed a whole extra chorus when i had more footage and music >.<

    Editing time: 50 hours (not including encoding)
    Programs: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Photoshop, Adobe After effects
    A special thank you to Mitch for accidentally beta testing and telling me what sucked besides the whole video ;p and fer having a brilliant idea which I eagerly stole.

    Short synopsis: We start in the belly of the beast, some of the villains are sitting around and plotting our "hero's" demise. They are watching him (you'll notice that it's all 640X480 4:3 at this point) we close in on Yu and he dozes off in class... 90% of the amv is his memories/dreams (and you'll notice that it's letterboxed 640X360 for shiny looking 16:9 which spriggan really is although it's sitting in 4:3 XD to be honest I made it that way to have a greater transition of the memories/dreams and current day. So if you don't like the black borders stiff shit) we finally swap back to the lead out and finish our story, it's hard to keep an evil overlord down. There's a few messages I was trying convey with this video ... we shall see if you get them ;P
    Ominae Yu is pretty much a borderline sociopath so I've tried to incorporate as much of his back story as possible.

    Lyrics: I can’t help but follow in spite of going insane
    For I know you’ll swallow the whole of my pain
    I’m stepping out of the light to feel what darkness can sow
    I stare at the dead red lie...just one glance and I know
    All disguised beneath the smile of the temptress, siren, evil child
    the devil’s sweetest whore
    Cause you’re feeding the fire within me
    Cause you’re making me feel so alive
    Cause it’s only the end of the suffering and I’m drowning in this rush
    I was down, now flying...going nowhere fast
    There’s no denying I need this feeling to last
    I breathe in and get higher and the ache fades from sharp to dull
    The knives of desire...I feel them all
    A thousand cuts still leave me cold
    Give me more this soul’s been sold and I hope this time I won’t wake up dead
    Don’t blame yourself for what you can’t ignore? Don’t blame yourself for wanting more and more
    Flesh on flesh raising breaths on breaths
    I love the rush of death...

    There's a full widescreen 848X480 version up at the request of this Mongrel after he bugged me for an hour straight estoling it's virtues (read- he's has a widescreen monitior) well 8 hours of futzing around it's there aaaand it's over 100mb :|
    Can't play the mp4? Download cccp

    Cette vidéo s'accompagne d'une histoire qui va plus loin que ce que l'on peut voir, plus loin que ce que vous comprenez simplement enfaisant le lien entre les paroles & les images à l'écran (Dans ce cas les mots ne sont en fait là juste que pour vous distraire).
    Les Americans sont sortis et ont entrainé les Terroristes d'aujourd'hui à tuer les ennemis en leurs donnant des armes. Puis des années plus tard, les Americains déclarent la Guerre aux terroristes (les mêmes que ceux cités précedemment) pour les actes que les Americains leurs ont enseignés.
    Ominae Yu, le personnage principal de Spriggan était entraîné pour tuer et "lobotomiser" dès son plus jeune âge.
    Quand il se rend compte que les gens qui le demandent de tuer l'utilisent comme un outil, ils (L'Amerique) décidement de l'éliminer.Si l'anime avait été réalisé aujourd'hui, je pense que l'on aurait pu le qualifier de terroriste.
    En Australie, quand nous avons appris que la France avait refusé de participer à la Guerre d'Irak et que les Américains avaient décidé d'être méchants et de renommer les frites du Mc Donald (Frites = "French Fries") en "Freedom Fries" (Frites de la Liberté), nous avons rigolé.Nous pensions que ce serait la nouvelle la plus stupide news pour un moment.
    C'est le message derrière cet AMV, et il s'appelle Code Rouge pour le massacre et car L'Amerique adore étiqueter le communisme comme "Rouge"


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