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  • Member: niji tsuki
  • Studio: Rose Studios
  • Title: Interview with a Night Walker
  • Premiered: 2007-08-11
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    • Interview with the Vampire Soundtrack Original Trailer
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  • Comments: Howdy mostly people.

    Night Walker is loosely based on Interview with the Vampire, so it's a baffle that anyone has yet to make one of these yet. If you've watched both the movie and the series you can see the similarities. Truth to tell, I made the audio to this trailer all my own - because quite frankly, the real trailer, lots and lots. But then I realized, "Wait! I have the movie...Wait!! I have the soundtrack...Wait!!! I can make my own trailer!!!" ...So I did. If you know nothing about Night Walker and nothing about Interview with the Vampire, that's fine - the trailer is self-explanitory and the anime follows the movie pretty closely ^.^ I like this vid so much. I watched it about 7 times before uploading it (4:14ish my time). I had the thought to burst into my sister's room just to show her XD. Well, whatever. Enjoy!

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