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  • Member: Inuwolf012
  • Title: NaruFoamy: CD's
  • Premiered: 2007-08-04
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    • Jonathan Ian Mathers CD Rant
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  • Comments: Ok, I do not own Foamy or Naruto.

    Here is another NaruFoamy video. Please know that this has NO ANIMATION! This parody is all done by pictures. If you have a problem with this, THEN JUST DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Its has simple has that people. I also don't want any comments saying that I don't know how to do animated parodies. If you look at my other videos you will see that most of my videos are animated. The only reason why this and the rest of my NaruFoamy videos aren't animated is because I'm still trying to find bittorrent files that I can use. I will redo these once I get the footage I need.

    Naruto rants about CDs for all of the other CD users.

    To see the real Foamy episode of this parody please go here:

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