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  • Member: Chrono2
  • Title: I like your Boobs
  • Premiered: 2007-08-25
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    • Bodyrockers I Like The Way
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  • Comments: Well I always wanted to do an AMV to this song; just this AMV is not that what I planned when I first had the idea.
    It was planned, that its manly a dance/rhythm based Music Video with the weirdest effects that would fit and a lot of vectoring, well the lazy bum I am I did not realize that it is time for the Contest so

    I like your Boobs slipped my mind.

    Well as you might guess, you going to see a lot of breasts in this AMV, fear not, no nudity and also no partly nudity (well bathing suits) but lots of wicked sick breast actions and back breaking sizes.

    Also, like most of my AMVs, the name is a pun on the song name and on what you will see.

    For the first time, I took my shot at lip Sync. I think most of it is ok for the first attempt to fit the mouth movements to the lyrics. Thos times where there are lip movements without lyrics, the masks I wanted to use where not good enough and would have looked worse

    The beginning and the end can seem a bit of, because I had to change the beat synch every few frames, it would have been a real pain in the eyes without the beat switching

    For all of you who are offended by the title
    I'm sorry

    For all of you who will get a seizure because of this AMV
    I'm sorry

    If it is because of laughter
    I'd like to see that :0

    Come to the Aninite 2007 in Vienna on the Premiere Day to see it life

    And at the End

    Thanks to Bauzi who helped me with some premiere issues
    Kiv for helping me with some codec problems and more
    And Ijuvatars girlfriend for kicking my but to work harder
    and ijuvatar himself for telling me to watch eiken *laughs*

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