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  • Member: Hika Yagami
  • Studio: Yagami Central
  • Title: Anime Girls Need Mood Rings
  • Premiered: 2007-08-06
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  • Song:
    • Relient K Mood Rings
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  • Comments: My first Comedy and my first Multi-Anime AMV! This was inspired by my younger sister who I have trouble understanding :P.
    This took months of planning, DVD ripping, deinterlacing, video smoothing and putting it all together but for making the AMV itself I'd say that it took about 50 straight hours.
    Sorry if some of the visual quality is lacking in some of the faster scenes this was the best I could compress it without it looking crappy. I also know that there isn't as much Digital Effects like in most videos but they're there so I have that box checked :P.

    So watch for a good laugh!!

    Update: A remastered version of this video is now available. I fixed the lip sync and added a few effects and a few new clips.

    Hika Yagami

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