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  • Member: Inaaca
  • Title: Farewell
  • Premiered: 2007-08-05
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  • Song:
    • James Blunt Goodbye my Lover
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  • Comments: *** Anime Expo 2008 Winner - Best Drama ***

    I created this video with a few things in mind that I wanted to accomplish.
    -One was to self-teach and practice masking techniques. This was a fairly slow and simplistic song choice that I decided would be good to practice on.
    -Two was to create a video that could tell a story, so that someone who had never actually seen the anime before would still be able to pull a story from it. This was a new approach to creating amvs that I wanted to experiment with. I'll leave it to the viewers to decide exactly how successful I was conveying a story, however.
    -Three was to give the video a strong emotional focus, so I had to find a balance between effects (masking particularly) and the emotional core of the video.

    As I created this video I actually ended up restarting from scratch a couple times because I kept feeling that the masks were becoming too cluttered, and actually detracting from the video. I didn't like the feeling of too many things to focus onscreen with such a slow song. This caused me to strip away the masks I had created more and more as I worked on my video. The end result was MUCH lighter on masking than my original concept, but there's still a decent amount there. In any case, I believe it's for the best. Less is more eh?

    All in all, this video was a tremendous learning experience to me, and I have plenty of lessons to carry with me into my next video. Enjoy.

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