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  • Member: Inuwolf012
  • Title: NaruFoamy-Pancake Madness
  • Premiered: 2007-08-01
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    • Jonathan Ian Mathers Pancake Madness
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  • Comments: Woot! Another parody! Ok, I like this one even though it is a picture parody. I do not own Neurotically Yours, that belongs to Jonathan Ian Mathers. For actual episodes of Neurotically Yours please go to the site below.

    Ok, there is a reason why I put "picture parody" at the top. I DON'T HAVE FOOTAGE OF NARUTO! I've been trying to get some but so far the bittorrent files I find the files are too big for my laptop to hold, take way too long to download, or are the wrong file type for what I use to make my parodies and amvs. I am sorry if some of you don't like that its pictures but you must deal with it. If anything, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU DON'T WANT A PICTURE PARODY! Again, I'm sorry but this is the best I can do. So please do not write a comment complaining about this not being animated and that I don't know how to do animated parodies. If you look at my profile you will see that most of the stuff I post are parodies and all of them are animated.

    Naruto as-Foamy

    Sakura as- Germaine

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