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  • Member: Uanime5
  • Title: Lovers' S.O.S.
  • Premiered: 2007-08-04
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  • Songs:
    • ABBA S.O.S.
    • ABBA SOS
    • Mamma Mia: the Musical S.O.S.
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  • Comments: My 34th AMV is one of five Nana AMVs I made using songs from Mama Mia (ABBA musical). To help name each of these AMV I asigned each one a tarot card and the name is a reference to this. The song used in this AMV is S.O.S., while the tarot card is The Lovers (representing love and the problems associated with it).

    This AMV was very hard to make because I had to tell a depressing story from both Nana (Hachiko) and Nobu's perception. Due to the difficulties involved doing this I changed parts of the song around (in the musical the man sings first, then the woman sings her version). I changed this round so that Nana sings about her problem, then Nobu visits Nana and sing about his problem.

    The gradual bluring of this AMV represents the increasing sorrow of Nana and Nobu.

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