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  • Member: AnimeDudde
  • Title: Peachy Bleachy
  • Premiered: 2006-10-16
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  • Songs:
    • Bleach OST Life is Like A Boat
    • Britney Spears Outrageous
    • nelly furtado Promiscuous (instrumental)
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  • Comments: I originally intended this to be just a fandub, but some of the scenes, such as the opening, can be considered part AMV so I decided to upload it here.

    I made this last year when the Bleach dub premiered, in response to all the complaints about it, I decided to make a little spoof of what the dub could have been like, using 4Kids as an example. Most of it is just a parody though, I got carried away and put in random stuff which some find funny, others don't.

    It got deleted from youtube a few months after I uploaded it, and I've been wanting to re-upload a censored version ever since, and finally got around to it. The video I am uploading here is the censored version, but the indirect link is uncensored. The only differences are that the yaoi scenes are whited out (they were blurred to begin with because I didn't want the video to be pornographic) and there is a frame of 'fanservice' deleted at 2:26.

    I had a second part planned and recorded some of it, but got too lazy and dropped it.

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