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  • Member: Cool Fire Bird
  • Studio: Falling Star Anime Productions
  • Title: Tribute to Momiji and Kusanagi - We'll Save Each Other
  • Premiered: 2003-02-28
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    • Evanesence Bring Me to Life
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  • Comments: Tribute to Momiji and Kusanagi - We'll Save Each Other

    Phew... Been a while since I've done a music video. I got a new computer and it came with a new moviemaker. Better then the one I had.
    ^_^ Still not great, but better. Heh.


    Footage: It's from the DVD and I'm sorry it's not that clear. But I had to compress it to show it at all. I'll have a better version when I get my Web hosting, which I plan it next month or so.

    Song: I really like this song. The only thing good that came out of the Dare Devil movie. :P
    I know this song has been used a few times all ready, but seeing that Blue Seed hasn't I thought that would balance things out. Truth be told, I didn't think this song would work so well. But after I got the clips and started placing them together, it ran great!

    Effects: I didn't have all the effects I would have like to have, so I knew this video wouldn't work unless I made most of it fly by. This video would only work with this song if had it run with the beat and with the words. I've seen to many music videos just follow the beat.

    Lip Sync: I tried my hardest to follow the words, or at least, have some lip sync there.
    It's my first time Lip Syncing, so please tell me what you think. At first, I really didn’t want to do a lot of lip sync, but it seemed I needed to add more throughout the music video, or it would look weird. I mean, one part of the music video with lip sync wouldn’t look right unless there was more.
    Also, I tried not to have any talking in this video (talking looks so bad in music videos)unless it was for lip syncing, but I wasn’t able to pull that off al the way.
    Oh well.

    Tell me what I should fix, so then I can go through all the mistakes and then come out with a better version when I get a better hosting ^_^

    Right click and 'Save As'

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