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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: Sheep Go To Heaven
  • Premiered: 2007-07-27
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    • Zdob si Zdub Miorica
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    Winner of...
    AWA Expo 2007 - Best Timing, "Taking the Bullet Award"
    AC^3 2007 - Best Composition, Grand Prize


    Good evening hippies,

    So I was sitting one day, thinking how Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo is one of those anime that, despite limited popularity, seems to attract thoughtful, well-edited AMVs of surprising quality.

    Well, this isn't one of those AMVs.

    If you want to see a good, dramatic Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo AMV, I equally recommend a whole five - those by AtomX, Shaister, rick, tu tu, and miss sakura-san .

    This, meanwhile, is an insidiously-intentional reversal of the trend of slower, athmospheric drama vids to this anime by employing senseless slapstick that actually happens to compose a large part of the movie. To a song about sheep. Yes, sheep.

    What's more, it's a song about sheep performed by a Moldovan band. If you've never heard of that country, well, congratulations, I guess you're up for something new.

    Otherwise I think this video is firmly in the non-comedic fun category, sprinkled with bits of tasteless parodying (especially of AtomX's and Shaister's videos) and black humor. The pace of it is quite unlike anything that's been done to this anime so far, and it's short so hopefully it's fun to watch.




    Zdob si Zdub ("si" pronounced similar to the English "she") are a Moldovan folk-punk band quite popular in their home country. In case you've never heard of Moldova before, which is entirely possible, well - it's a small country in Eastern Europe, between Ukraine and Romania, which happens to be the poorest and least developed country in Europe. But as Zdob si Zdub prove, they certainly know how to have fun.

    Zdob si Zdub's claim to fame outside of their home country is that they represented Moldova at the 2005 EuroVision contest, where they infamously appeared with a lineup which featured a drum-playing old pensioner lady. Besides that, they also frequently perform at Russia's NASHEstvie festival ("nashestvie" = invasion, "nashe" = our; our peoples'), and it was on compilations of work by NASHEstvie artists that I bumped into this song.

    I can't say much else about Zdob si Zdub as my familiarity with them ends here, so if you really want to know - read on:



    ...hell, I'm not translating the lyrics, because this song happens to be Moldovan (or an odd Moldovan-Russian mix at the least) for one, and for another - being entirely folk-based, it has a lot of archaic expressions.

    In brief, it's a song about three sheep (described variously as white, black-eyed and ruffle-haired ones; or Russian, Estonian and dark-Japanese (?)) that enjoy their days out in the sun - except one, (the dark-Japanese one, presumably) that doesn't like its pasture and wants to go out in the woods. The song goes on to warn that besides all the fun stuff in the woods, there are also dangers - like evil weeds and wolves of course - so going there may have consequences.

    Lyric sync here is very much present, but only on a word-level at most (nothing coherent - I mean come on, it's a song about sheep for crying out loud!)



    This video, surprisingly enough, was one of the toughest (but funnest) editing jobs for me so far. At only 2 minutes' running time, it took me approximately 31 hours of editing to complete. I guess it's explained mostly by the ridiculously fast pacing of the song - which among other things required a lot of sped-up footage. The average speed of the clips used in the video is about 300%!

    Hopefully it paid off with fast cuts and internal [slapstick] sync galore.


    Mushroom House Mk. Invisible
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    (RIP Mushroom House, which died a couple of hours before this video was completed. The bulk of the work was completed on it. Fortunately, the HDs were safe and work resumed on...)

    Temple of Isis Mk. I
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    To Orwell, godix, `Eclipse and jasper-isis for help and feedback with the video!

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