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  • Member: Black Seventeen
  • Title: Foxy Foxie
  • Premiered: 2007-07-26
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Jimi Hendrix Foxy Lady
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I have two theories regarding the concept for this AMV: 1) Hyper Police is an extremely unpopular series, or 2) everyone who has seen Hyper Police has never listened to Jimi Hendrix. I think this way because never have I seen a character/song pairing as perfect as Sakura and “Foxy Lady.” I mean, come on; she’s part fox, for pete’s sake! It doesn’t take a genius to see the incredibly obvious AMV potential there.

    This is an idea that I put off for a while. It’s actually one of the first AMV ideas I ever had, but I wanted to get my feet wet first before taking on the project. As a result of being a bit more literate in the intricacies (or lack thereof) of Windows Movie Maker, the video turned out very crisp with a good flow. Also, I finally have a decent intro/credits format. So, no more bland lettering on black or white backgrounds. Now it’s bland lettering on top of a dim image. Baby steps…

    The more I worked on this video, the more enthusiastic I got about it. The more times I saw the finished product, the more I liked it. I don’t think I’d call this my best effort to date, but at the very least it was fun to make, and fun to watch. So have some fun and take a look at it. You do like to have fun, right?

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