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  • Title: I'm Available, Ladies;)
  • Premiered: 2007-07-20
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    • Paul and Storm Your Love Is (Love Song With Metaphor)
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  • Comments: Now that it's officially later, I should probably get around to explain this video a bit. It won an award for Best Humorous/Satire at Otakon 2007. I as a little surprised myself since I voted for Doki Doki's "Another Crappy AMV." So who knew? This also marks the very first time I bothered to use AviSynth and VirtualDub in order to make a vid. Normally I would just copy the footage from video input using dvd footage. It took me a long while to get every single piece of footage I wanted to enter the video, and less than a month to edit it all.

    In the beginning, I intended to fashion a duo among Naruto's Sasuke and Fullmetal's Roy Mustang. I wanted to create a whole collection of vids with the two singing songs from Paul and Storm, who, if you don't know, were a part of the great DaVinci's Notebook acapella group. Hilarious guys. So, this video originally called for heavy masking effects with Sasuke and Roy Mustang in several scenes. But, as I started with the masking, I noticed how their images appeared too flat, as if you could tell I cut their images out using Photoshop. Needless to say, their masking was scrapped entirely. It just didn't appear that funny.

    Also, for the third voice, provided by local artist Jonathan Coulton, I decided on Osaka as a means to bring people back to the "Ready, Steady, GIT-R-DONE" video. Commitment to a joke, you could say. Didn't really work too well for Suberunker Studeosh last year. Eh. Still funny.

    The captions were never originally going to be in the video altogether, until I thought of the idea as a sort of supplement for the video itself. Start out sweet and sentimental at first, then suddenly turn violent and homicidal soon after. It also became prevalent when I realized I couldn't find a suitable dramatic image of Osaka for the beginning of the video, so I worked in an early pun with the captions.

    I'll take the time to list all the captions and any details with the video in order of appearance:

    RESOLVE - Pretty much fits Roy Mustang's character, don't you agree?

    - I tell ya, the sentamental words are harder to come up with than the dark ones!

    DETERMINATION - Same as resolve, but has a better connection with Sasuke's character.

    - Everything leading up to here is to get the viewer into a false mood of peace and seclusion from harm. Everyone is feeling happy and cheerful with nothing bad coming up until...

    SADISM - The very definition of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry for you english crackers) should be twisted. You're given a setting filled with kind, gentle looking lolis, and suddenly the red head lops your head off with a friggin' machete, and her green-haired friend jams twenty needles into your fingers. Fans of Saw or Hostel will appreciate this joke.

    FAMILY PROGRAMMING - In case you haven't figured it out, the humor in this video is dark.

    ACUPUNCTURE - I'm actually making a reference to my neighbor in this shot. Wish her cats didn't go on my lawn all the time.

    DAMMIT, SHONEN JUMP! - For those who don't get it, and by the reception at Otakon, few of you did, the scene of the man being hung on the post was edited by Shonen Jump in order to censor it right (somehow a crucifixation seemed more wholesome than having his arms cut off). Not only in broadcast, but in the UNCUT dvd they drew purple arms in replace of no arms at all. Naturally, if you went to Anime News Network forums, there was a lot of complaining about this change. This is just me adding fuel to the fire. Heh.

    Now, the heart idea was also a part of the original plan. The one image isn't. At first, I thought I'd take an image from Higurashi with the pin hidden in the riceball, but it just wouldn't show up correctly. Then I thought "You're making a Naruto joke anyway,so just use the pins in that!" And so I did.

    This is probably the best time to say that I had to use Hong Kong DVD's for Higurashi in order to get my required scenes. Once I got them, I learnt they were picked up by Geneon a week later. Ugh. Thank God for Netflix.

    NO MORE...FILLERS - What better Naruto joke could there possibly be? Other than the Sasuke/Rock Lee fanfiction online?

    HEY, ANSWERMAN! - Only a few would probably get this joke. I felt this scene dragged kinda bit, so I added a little jab at Zac from Anime News Network. No hard feelings, I hope.

    - All these gags were merely to tie into the images on screen. Although I wanted to pertain the correct mood of the lyrics, I also didn't want the audience to get too bored waiting for the next twist, so I added some light gags in order to hold everything together. I made sure that all my footage contained references to sailing ships. Quick note: the one scene of Pani Poni Dash seems closeris because I zoomed in on the images so that I can make a dramatic pan left...that and to block out the helicopter.

    A THREE HOUR TOUR - This scene from the FMA movie was a great feature, I thought. Helps to make that twist more hilarious.

    OLD BAY - Now, I was thinking of several scenes to capture this image, including scenes from Fullmetal and Sorceror Hunters TV. In the end, seeing a person floating there just created a good feeling of morbid pleasure. Once again, dark comedy.

    APRIL SHOWERS - I thought Saber wearing a Pilgrim hat was pretty cute. You can tell she likes it too.

    ORTHOMYXOVIRIDAE - This is the actual name of the family of RNA viruses. Just thought you should know that.

    This next heart can just say that I'm a bastard, pretty much. That's really all I can say.

    SCI-FI CHANNEL'S PAYING ME TO SAY THIS LINE - In case you didn't know, the Sci-Fi channel found the time between their poorly conceived films to bring back anime to their network, and the ultra-violent and poorly dubbed Tokko got picked up as well. Great. Now how about some MST3K reruns again?

    BRIDGE - If you don't know what a bridge to a song is, then what the hell are you synching videos to music for?

    TIMBER! - Dark humor. Notice how the scene corner wipes instead of cross-fades in this one?

    - Birds getting blown up. Funny.

    HONDA - I'm not presuming that anyone in New Orleans even drove a Honda, or will now, but it just may be possible.

    MERRI KURISUMASU - I looked it up online, and apparently that's how it's pronounced over in Japan. Go fig.

    FA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA - I just got an unmarked package the other day. I'm hoping it's brownies. Haruhi's here bringing in the good cheer. And to cover up the Iranian symbol in the bottom right corner.

    DOG->CREATURE->FOOD - And here's Menchi's big scenes. Again, reverting to false mood of serenity while adding minor puns throughout. My dad still thinks she's a cat.

    DISSOLVES - In case you wanted to know what going on with the images.

    MINI ARMSTRONG - Stars around Menchi's eyes, relating back to Alex Louis Armstrong of FMA. Quick note: The Hello Kitty image was put there because I didn't like the prospect of showing any cherub genitals onscreen.

    HOLY SH--! - Riza vs. Menchi, winner take all! A very sharp twist that I just loved to make. From docile to dangerous in one dissolve.

    ATTICA! - Finding an appropriate bar scene of Menchi was surprisingly difficult. I couldn't just use images from the manga either. Fortunately, I found this scene near the end of episode 8. Didn't notice how metaphorical it was before. Now I know.

    DID I MENTION SADISM? - More dark humor here. I just can't seem to make humor without going all dark. Just can't help it. Must be nature.

    22MM CALIBER - I'm fairly certain that's the standard issue the military uses in attack helicopters. I could be wrong.

    COWBELL - All leading up to Mr. Walken's big scene. The main reason I wanted to make this video was for the heart scenes. The 1st one was a lead-in to the video, the 2nd helps build up the anticipation, and the 3rd is what I like to call the cleaner; it sweeps the entire audience away from under their feet. Good stuff. While I'm on the hearts, I understand thatthey seem a little rough looking and I tried to solve this problem numerous times with no avail. In the end, I settled with what I created myself.

    Now these last three scenes I designed to take the audience home, so to speak. By showing the Naruto/Sasuke scene, I appeal to the usual gags of the show; the Roy Mustang scene helps to create a small twist on the previous gag by showing himself instead; finally, Osaka's dream of Mater brings everyone back to "Ready, Steady, GIT-R-DONE" leaving you properly twisted, mentally and physically.

    Now, I admit the aspect ratio was an accident, but looking at the result, I noticed that it creates a widescreen sense to the video, thereby creating a false sense that the viewer is watching a romance video. Not to mention, Higurashi was originally in 16x9 anyway. So, looking at it from this angle, I decided to keep it in.

    To conclude, I admit there are some who will not find this funny. Some people just enjoy light-hearted comedy to the serious dark sh--. Maybe they're right. Or maybe it's just a matter of Family Guy vs. South Park - two completely different shows with completely different formats but same popular recognition. One person prefers another's taste. Like I said, I voted for Doki Doki's video this year, but I still won, and as Doki Doki's idol, I feel proud to finally be measured up to his level. That I'm happy for. The award doesn't really mean much to me, but being there along with Tim Parker's video makes me feel like I've finally become a part of this community after eight years spectating and five competing. I have no regrets.

    Some will like this video, some will not. But I've learned over the years to accept that you cannot please everyone. But as long as you can please yourself, that's all you truly need. Just don't please yourself too regularly, or you might go blind.

    Once more, dark.

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