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  • Member: Vigilluminatus
  • Title: Ghibli's Flying Aces Of Hearts
  • Premiered: 2007-08-24
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    • Xandria Now & Forever
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  • Comments: This is my 5th AMV (or my 30th if you count all my non-anime mvs), but it's the first one made for an official AMV contest. I'm quite anxious to see how good I have become at editing compared to the other competitors in the AniNite'07-AMV-contest.
    Edit 2007-08-26: Not as good as I thought. I've to get better, even if it should still be nice to watch.

    Maybe I should explain the title first: I chose "Flying Aces Of Heart" cause flying and love are the main themes of this symphonic metal song. Therefore I mixed many flying-scenes with some of Studio Ghibli's sweethearts, decorated this with some new effects and... voila. As you can probably guess, it's not really a story-AMV, I just translated the lyrics into scenes literally. There's also not as much lip sync in it as in my other AMVs, cause I tried to focus on timing and the (few) effects this time. I guess this was the main weak point in the contest, it is just a mixture of scenes and transitions, but it has no real storyline. I'll do better next time, so beware, AniNite'ers!

    Well, maybe you can tell me if it's nice to watch or if you liked something like "A Heat Guy's Business" (story and lip sync) better. At least it's my first attempt to create a multi-anime-MV. It was actually quite fun, maybe I'll try that again sometime.

    Programs I used:
    DVD Decrypter
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    After Effects 6.0

    I wanted to encode this one with H264, but somehow that didn't work with VLC, so it's still with good ol Xvid. Maybe I'll figure out my mistake until my next one is finished.

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