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  • Member: truth_betold
  • Title: Sexy Robots!!!
  • Premiered: 2007-05-28
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    • futurama Sound Clip
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  • Comments: Wow. This came about after I attended the "What the Hell" 'con' in Greensboro, NC. I went to the all-night showing of bad hentai. There I saw... many things, but among them was one called "Buttobi CPU" or also known as "I dream of Mimi" here in the states. It was... awesomely bad. From that, the next night I saw the futurama episode that was about Fry getting a robot Lucy Liu. I was like OMG, I must do an amv of that audio clip from the video to robots in anime!

    And so I began the task of making it, which if anyone makes amvs, knows it's like willingly being masochistic on yourself. I also have the worst computer, the worst music vid program and such, but I like to think I make the most out of what I have.

    So I made it and entered it in the Animazement 2007 Amine Music Video Contest and it aired on friday night. of course I was "squee" XD just seeing it on the big screen and getting a good reaction to it. I don't know if anyone remembers but I was the one who did "Save the Konoha Rainforest" infomercial last year. Anyway, my robots won an award -a special one (as all were)- called "Sexiest Robots". heheheh, awesome! I really liked the award and the joy of the reaction it got from people. I love people to have fun and have a good laugh at Cons. I know I like to! XD

    So anyway, hope you enjoy this little snippet. It was fun for me, hope it was fun for you!

    -love, Sempaiko

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