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  • Member: Inkwolf
  • Title: Guns, Roses, Hormones and Ego
  • Premiered: 2007-07-14
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    • Aqua Roses Are Red
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  • Comments: Caution: Spoilers and perverted guitar shadows!

    mp4, h.264, 1533.22 kb/s, duration 3:57

    This is half a retelling of the Key episode of Excel Saga, and half fanfic.

    For those who have not seen it: Lord Ilpalazzo, would-be conquerer of the city and wanna-be rock star receives a message from ACROSS headquarters. Unfortunately, not only is the messenger cooler and possibly bishier than he is, but Key can also actually PLAY the guitar. What's more, he's captured the eye of Excel, whose one-sided passion for Lord Ilpalazzo has never before wavered.

    This is the sordid tale of what happened, and what MIGHT have happened...

    This is also my first full-length AMV. (Happy dance!)

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