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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Suave
  • Premiered: 2007-07-10
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    • Yoko Kanno You Make Me Cool
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  • Comments: Okay, this AMV is completely based off just one episode (132) - and I know it's a filler, but it was so fun and cute and made of total awesome!
    Due to this single episode inspiration, it's kinda ... well, rough isn't the word I'd use, but maybe slightly off. I've done my best to make the lyrics fit, but some of my selections can be a bit odd because of it all. Still, timing's good, it's fun, gets the story across and best of all:

    Kurosaki Karin and Hitsugaya Toushiro

    My new crack pairing. They are so adorable, aren't they?

    Anyhoo, as always made mostly for fun and giggles.
    Very different sort of song choice for me. I love jazz and older blues styles, but can rarely find any good music from the genre. Re-watching Cowboy Bebop recently (honestly it's been years, I'd forgotten how completely amazing that series is) gave me the inspiration to break out the old OSTs gathering dust.

    Hope people enjoy it.


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