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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: Resonance
  • Premiered: 2003-02-22
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    • Tim Aste Requiem of the Rings
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  • Comments: This video is my first instrumental. It was fun to make, partly because I didn't have to worry about matching any lyrics. Since I didn't have words in the song to act as guidlines, I instead tried to focus on the different moods in the piece.

    When I found this song, the Final Fantasy Movie almost instantly came to mind. I wanted to put something to the song that would be able to keep that "powerful" feeling that's at the end of the song. The movie's amazing animation, and in particular, the big blue lights that are at the end of the movie, fit into that category. I've always wanted to do something to the movie, because even if the storyline isn't that amazing, the animation has always amazed me. For this video I cut off the first two minutes of the song. It made it much shorter and I didn't really know what I would do with the first two minutes anyway, so I cut it off at a place that I thought could pass off as a good starting.

    I tried not to focus on digital effects. I messed around with tinting and saturation a bit to get darker feels at some parts, and there are a couple of radial blurs and strobe lights for accents, then there are quite a few overlays at the end. But I didn't do anything too fancy. Mainly I depended on the scenes themselves to set the mood.

    I consider this to be one of my better-executed videos. It flows better than some of my previous ones, and I think my timing might be improving as well. It looks pretty much like I planned and wanted it to, so I'm happy with it. I didn't have a concept in mind when I made this, really. I just wanted to match the moods and build up to the conclusion, which I think I pulled off. I don't think it's one of my favorites, but I like it enough I guess. ^_^

    Enjoy. And please leave opinions! :)

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