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  • Member: Uanime5
  • Title: Fortune's Honey
  • Premiered: 2007-07-07
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  • Songs:
    • ABBA Honey, Honey
    • Mamma Mia: the Musical Honey, Honey
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  • Comments: My 30th AMV is the first of five Nana AMVs I made using songs from Mama Mia (ABBA musical). To help name each of these AMV I asigned each one a tarot card and its name is a reference to this. This AMV uses the song 'Honey, Honey' and its tarrot card is the Wheel of Fortune (representing change).

    This AMV is a love song between Shin and Reiya. It contains suggestive lyrics.

    NB: in Mama Mia only the first half of this song is sung, so this AMV does not contain the whole song. Also I cut the last two lines because in this version of the song the girl's squeel the last word (thing). Since this ruined the whole song and I was unable to tone down the squeel sound I had to cut the last part. I did not want to use the version sung by ABBA because I though it was too bland.

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