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  • Member: Aziff
  • Studio: [KAisen KiTarö]™ Productions
  • Title: Ordinary
  • Premiered: 2007-07-09
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    • Train Ordinary
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  • Comments: Everything Kenshin fought for has always come back to one reason: to protect those around him. But sometimes, it comes to a point where he has to lose everything in order to do so. After making a promise to return with Kaoru to Tokyo, only then does Kenshin realizes that the true source of his strength - is the love he holds for her. With this, he holds on to his will to live and embraces his calysmatic battle with Shishio Makoto.


    I've been holding this idea in for at least many months now because of the fact that I didn't have a Rurouni Kenshin TV series DVD to rip the scenes from. Now that I already do, I have fulfilled this idea! LoL

    Anyway, the original song was actually 3:33, but I trimmed it down to 2:33 to make the AMV cleaner and less cluttered. Enjoy!

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