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  • Members: Autraya, Lockstock, ReXMaster, requiett
  • Title: Eien No Ken
  • Premiered: 2007-07-08
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  • Songs:
    • Adema Immortal
    • Enya Adiemus
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    Rexmaster: "..."

    Requiett: "Pudding."

    Autraya: First time I heard this song I had images of samurai and katana's (which was like their soul) floating through my head... so the MEP idea was spawned.
    Then this MEP became cursed as the editors contributing all fell off the bandwagon (some quit editing, some dropped, some had personal crisis', some were dropped the list goes on) the only original editor is me lol.
    I've got to say both ReXMaster and Lockstock taught me a lot of different things during the many months this has taken to complete and without them this wouldn't have happened. At the end of the day when I once again lost my 4th editor... Requiett swooped in and saved the day. So thanks guys for sticking this one out and all your patience. All in all I think this really emphasises the different editing styles that the 4 of us have and perhaps i should have been tougher... because they don't fit together so well, but i like each piece and it's interesting to see how others tackle the same song.
    Special thanks to Arkada for showing me something i should have know and Dagda for kidnapping my beta and re-editing it XD and lastly Minion for listening to me whine and raep his server.

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